Artist: MC S.A.V
Album: Cloud City
Mixed by: RudeToon Records
Release date: 2017


        Cloud City is the 4th solo studio album from MC S.A.V. The project was set to be released in the beginning of 2017 but production & mastering was stopped half way through due to a complete change in artistic direction from Sav. Over the last couple years of battling the industry, MC S.A.V decided to take his talents, vision and faith elsewhere to be better served; Sparking a whole new movement and brand - Flood Society

        Now armed with only an ambition to impact society in the positive way it needs, Sav dropped Cloud City from the archives and put his entire catalog up for free download stating to his fans "The music is for you guys. I want you to see where i've been, what i've been through and more importantly where i'm headed. Flood Society is just the beginning, i wanna change the world." 

Cloud City (Official Video)